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Warehouse manager charged after dozens say Nikes were shipped but never arrived, records show

CHARLOTTE — In a major development to an Action 9 investigation, someone has been charged after many say their Nike orders were shipped but never arrived.

Jason Stoogenke started looking into complaints involving the delivery company, LaserShip, in Sept. 2021. Customers told him they ordered items that never showed up.

Stoogenke picked up on a pattern along the way. He noticed a lot of the items that allegedly disappeared were Nikes.

Now, police have charged someone with stealing the shoes.

A lot of customers told Stoogenke they ordered more expensive Nikes and spent anywhere from $100 to $250 on them. More than 40 customers complained to Stoogenke about LaserShip -- 28 of them said they ordered special Nikes.

Simion Hollins and others told Stoogenke they kept a close eye on the tracking information.

“I just felt aggravated,” Hollins said.

The customers said the shoes made it to the LaserShip warehouse but not to them. Hollins said he ordered four pairs of shoes through LaserShip and none of them showed up.

Some customers suspected employees might be stealing the shoes.

“The items are hard to get items,” Hollins said.

Apparently, investigators thought so too.

According to court documents, police say LaserShip launched its own internal investigation and concluded a worker was stealing. Police said the company told them it has video from two different sources to back it up.

Officers charged a warehouse manager, Jarvas Foster, with felony larceny by employee. They accuse him of taking 11 pairs of Nikes and believe he had at least one accomplice.

“That’s extremely frustrating, not getting [your items],” Hollins said. “But what’s more frustrating is expecting not to get it. That’s a whole new different type of a frustration.”

Hollins told Stoogenke the four pairs he ordered cost about $200 each. He said Nike refunded the money. He was wearing Nikes when he talked to Stoogenke, but he said he bought them somewhere else.

Stoogenke first asked LaserShip specifically about Nikes back in March. At the time, the company said it takes “allegations of theft very seriously. If reported, these allegations are investigated and handled on a case-by-case basis.”

He asked the company about this arrest and it emailed him the same statement.

Stoogenke also found a phone number for Jarvas Foster and left him a message asking for his side of the story, but did not hear back in time for this report.

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