Apartment residents angry that visitors must pay for parking

CHARLOTTE — People living at a Ballantyne apartment and townhome complex are not happy with a new parking policy for visitors.

Atkins Circle Apartments and Townhomes informed residents about the change this week.

Visitors must park in designated parking spaces starting April 1, and guests will have to pay 50 cents per hour or risk being towed.

“I’ve reached out to some of my friends and family and told them, ‘Hey, you might have to pay to park, now,’ and they said, ‘I guess we won’t be coming to see you,’” said a resident who did not want to be identified.

A spokesperson for Atkins Circle told Channel 9 the complex has limited parking, and the policy ensures prime parking spaces are for residents.

It’s also expected to keep unwanted, unscreened visitors out of the community.

Email to residents on guest parking

“Effective April 1, 2023, visitors and guests are required to park in a space that is labeled visitor and must initiate a paid parking session through our vendor partner Pango by using a mobile smart device, telephone or by visiting their website. There is Pango signage located in each visitor parking area with instructions. We ask that residents refrain from parking in the visitor spaces without initiating a paid parking session through Pango. We have a limited number of visitor’s spaces, so we cannot guarantee that a visitor’s space will be available.”

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