Man’s livelihood at stake after thieves steal food truck

CHARLOTTE — A northeast Charlotte man said someone stole his job and his passion project when they wheeled away his food truck overnight.

The owner of The Midnight Grill says he parked it at a gas station on Feb. 19 off University City Boulevard. It’s where The Midnight Grill served Mediterranean food.

Salahaldeen Abusamra returned the next morning to find an empty slab of concrete.

“I didn’t believe it,” Abusamra said. “I was thinking, I was still dreaming, to be honest. I was still asleep. That’s what I thought.”

A nearby security camera caught the thieves stealing the truck he said is worth about $56,000.

Now, he may have to start from scratch.

“They didn’t just take my dream, they took my job too,” he said.

Abusamra said liability insurance won’t cover his stolen truck.

Call police if you have information.

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