Mooresville first responders raise money to support family of fallen captain

MOORESVILLE — Firefighters and police officers in Mooresville are banding together to raise money for the family of a captain who died of an illness last year.

“It’s in honor of Capt. Brian Yon. He was a big asset to the department,” said Justin Sigmon, firefighter.

Yon left a legacy with the Mooresville Fire & Rescue and made his mark during his 15 years with Mooresville Fire-Rescue.

In 2020, Yon was awarded the Chief’s Award and in 2021, he was officer of the year while earning other achievements.

Yon died from an illness in October 2022 leaving behind a wife and two kids.

“This is just a way for us to reiterate that and show her that we’re not going anywhere,” Sigmon said.

Sigmon and fellow firefighter Scott Hauck are in it for the long run to support Yon’s family.

They are among a dozen Mooresville firefighters and police officers training for the Palmetto 200 relay race.

The team will run more than 200 miles from Columbia to North Charleston Friday into Saturday.

The money donated to the team’s GoFundMe account will go to the Yon family.

“We’re going to get to see the Yon family at the finish line,” Hauck said. “And so just knowing that, is going to be important for our minds to keep going while we’re on the race.”

They want to ease the heartache of Yon’s grieving family.

“The ultimate goal is to let them know that it is a family and we will always be there for them,” Hauck said.

Click here for information on the race.

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