Woman accused of concealing 82-year-old NC man’s death, police say

FOREST CITY, N.C. — After police in Forest City made a gruesome discovery inside an apartment, a woman has been accused of trying to conceal a death.

Channel 9’s Dave Faherty spoke with neighbors in Rutherford County about the case. One neighbor, Arlene Bowen, said police were at the Manor Apartments on South Church Street for hours collecting evidence.

The suspect, June Brown, is the Burke County jail with a $200,000 bond. According to court documents, police charged hast month with felony destroying remains and concealing a death.

Investigators said when they got to the home, they found 82-year-old Karl Buehner’s body covered up on the floor near the door. They said that Brown was at the apartment, and said the death had happened 8 hours earlier.

“It wasn’t immediately reported,” said Forest City Police Capt. Brandon Rothrock. “That being said, the manner in which we found him he was covered up in front of the doorway and she hadn’t reported his death.”

Investigators said Brown knew Buehner. Neighbors said they had seen him there before and that they were stunned by news of her arrest.

“Very surprising because I used to give her rides all the time and she use to live underneath me,” neighbor Kienda Smith said. “I’m shocked -- she’s a very petite woman.”

Brown and 18 other female inmates were taken to Burke County’s jail because state inspectors shut down part of the Rutherford County jail so repairs could be made.

Police said they are still waiting on autopsy results and are conducting more interviews in the case.

“I wondered why anyone would do something like that, but people do crazy things in this day and time,” said neighbor Arlene Bowen.

Faherty also learned Brown was charged earlier this year with contributing to the delinquency of a child. Police said her 3-year old grandchild, who she was supposed to be watching, was found walking along South Church Street.

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