Action 9: Checking in on chickens, MV Realty, and our international impact

CHARLOTTE — Action 9 has saved people in our community nearly $500,000 over the last five years. Investigator Jason Stoogenke stays busy, working even harder when the issue doesn’t involve money.

Here’s a brief look at three issues he’s currently keeping an eye on:

Chickens in Concord

You may remember the Celmer family in Concord. They’ve had chickens for years and they say the animals have been great for their son with special needs. But code enforcement recently told them the city’s rules don’t allow the pets.

They recently went before City Council to ask about changing that.

“Our chickens have not only been a source of food and education, but occupational, physical, and mental health therapy,” said Sommer Celmer. “I don’t want this just for us, but for all the citizens of the city of Concord.”

Action 9 will continue to follow their story and find out what happens.

MV Realty

We’re hearing more from the real estate company that Stoogenke and our sister stations across the country started investigating in 2022.

As we previously reported, MV Realty would give homeowners fast cash in exchange for exclusive rights to sell their homes for 40 years.

If the homeowner sold their home without using MV Realty during that time, they’d have to pay a penalty of 3% of the value of their home.

Our reporting sparked many changes including the company stopped offering the agreements. In addition, six Attorneys General, including North Carolina’s Josh Stein, sued the company. Stein won an injunction against the business so it couldn’t charge homeowners the 3% penalty anymore.

But the state Supreme Court put the injunction on hold while it decides whether to hear the case.

Now, the company says the court should shoot down the injunction for good calling the state’s claims “flimsy ... supported by consumer protection rhetoric rather than evidence.” It’s blaming the Attorney General’s office for siding with the real estate lobby.


Scribe Technology Solutions

Action 9 spoke with two women last year who said they did transcription work for Scribe Technology Solutions, a medical transcription company. They said the company owed them thousands and had not paid them.

Fast forward to now, when people in Asia saw the news report and emailed Action 9.

They say Scribe owes them money too, about $600,000 combined.

Medical Transcriptionist Solomon Kishore said, “The payments were cut off, the payments were delayed, the payments were reduced, and that continued to a point where it was like us catching the tail of a tiger. We couldn’t let go. At the same time, we couldn’t continue to hold on.”

Last year, when Stoogenke did the initial report on Scribe, he emailed and called the business, and a lawyer whose name he came across on company documents. He even mailed letters to addresses he found for the head of the company. But no one ever responded.

Stoogenke tried again for this report, but no one has responded.

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