Charlotte City Council considering limiting triplex construction

CHARLOTTE — Charlotte City Council is considering new restrictions on where triplexes can be built. The move would be a reversal from the city’s ambitious Unified Development Ordinance that went into effect last year. The UDO allows triplexes to be built on all single-family lots.

Since the new rules went into effect, 20 triplexes have been built.

Charlotte City Council is considering only allowing triplexes to be built on corner lots.

Planning Director Alyson Craig says she wants to encourage the construction of duplexes because triplexes are more challenging for neighborhoods.

“We are hoping for more duplexes,” she said. “With the triplexes, it is challenging with the driveway cuts because they want three driveways, three two-car garages and you end up with mostly pavement and it is hard to manage for a tree-lined street.”

Craig says by having triplexes on corner lots there is more room for driveways and entrances for these homes.

Charlotte City Council will vote on these changes as soon as this month.

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