Crews work to douse large, smoldering mulch pile in Mint Hill

MINT HILL, N.C. — Crews have been working on putting out a smoldering pile of mulch off Matthews-Mint Hill Road near Phyliss Lane.

Resident Lisa Williams said she saw smoke like it was coming from a campfire and that she and her granddaughter noticed the smell during a walk.

“She goes to school right across from that area,” Williams said. “And when I went to pick her up, I saw the smoke. I saw the fire department there.”

The Mint Hill Fire Department said crews have been there to check out the burning mulch pile.

The mulch pile sits on land in a development near Phyliss Lane across the road from a daycare and charter school.

Firefighters say the mulch is prone to ignite and smolder.

“I’ve heard that if you have a big pile of something like that, it could do that,” Williams said. “I would think if they knocked the pile down, it would be good. But I know the fire department has been keeping tabs on it.”

Mint Hill firefighters said they met with the developer this week and agreed on a plan to use heavy equipment to level out the pile and mix in wet soil.

Crews soaked the mulch pile with 3,500 gallons of water. They hope this week’s forecasted rain will also help once the soil is leveled out.

The developer told Mint Hill fire officials stopping the smoldering soil is a priority.

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