Dilworth couple says utility project damaged home; files lawsuit

CHARLOTTE — A Dilworth couple said their home was damaged due to a Charlotte Storm Water Services project and are suing the city and its contractors to pay for repairs.

“Here is the whole crack along the whole side porch,” said homeowner Ginny Hunt.

Charlotte contractors started working on the second phase of the Myrtle/Morehead Storm Drainage Improvement Project in 2019.

The city believes the finished project will reduce flooding in Dilworth.

Hunt said after months into the construction she noticed cracks throughout her home near Templeton and Euclid avenues.

“If you look closer, you would see the damage right here where this is all settled,” she said. “That, literally, was painted two weeks before they started the construction.”

The foundation failed along the side of the house, and the side porch cracked, she said.

Hunt and her husband filed a complaint against the city and its contractors.

They’re suing for at least $25,000.

“We would like to have all of our expenses covered for repairs,” Hunt said. “We’re probably halfway through the repairs at this point.”

They have lost any value to the home due to the damage, she said.

Hunt said exterior repairs cost her more than $70,000.

Interior fixes haven’t started.

Hunt said she wants someone to take responsibility for years of financial and emotional stress.

“I would say it’s been a little bit of an upheaval and a lot of anger. A lot of frustration,” she said.

A spokesperson for the city of Charlotte said they could not comment, citing pending litigation.

The contractors did not respond to our request.

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