Endorsements highlight 2 Republican candidates in NC Congressional District 10 race

CHARLOTTE — North Carolina’s 10th Congressional District spans across Lincoln and Forsyth counties.

Five Republicans have thrown their hat in the ring and are facing off ahead of the March 5 primary elections.

Two candidates have captured extra attention in the specific race: Pat Harrigan endorsed by Mark Robinson and Grey Mills endorsed by Tim Moore.

“When it comes to protecting this nation, I’ve served as a commander in the Special Forces, I know what it means to serve,” Harrigan said, “I know the consequence of service. I know the consequence of weak leadership, there’s nobody better positioned in the state to tackle national security issues than me.”

“We need Washington to be more like Raleigh. I look at Washington and I get disgusted with what I see the failed leadership at the White House,” Mills said but quite frankly, too many people in Congress are doing the wrong thing. We need to bring our values and our way of thinking to Washington DC.”

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