Fin and Fino opens at Birkdale Village

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Rare Roots Hospitality will officially open the doors to Fin & Fino’s new location in Birkdale Village on Wednesday.

The restaurant will be in the space previously occupied by Dressler’s, which is also owned by Rare Roots Hospitality.

The coastal concept will mirror the flagship location in Uptown Charlotte, which will celebrate its sixth anniversary this April.

Diners can expect fresh seafood, high-quality meats, house-made pastas, and locally grown produce on a menu of small plates. The menus will mirror each other at the two locations, with each offering features and specials throughout the year.

The 5,200 square foot space with coastal-inspired artwork and design finishes will seat more than 200 guests, including 100 in the dining room, 60 in the bar area, and 45 on the newly renovated patio.

“We enjoyed a successful 20-year run at Birkdale Village as Dressler’s Restaurant and it was bittersweet to say goodbye to our original concept there. But Birkdale has changed drastically since we opened in 2003, and changing our concept allowed us to reinvigorate the space and provide a more modern experience that we feel is better suited for the community, and we’re excited to continue growing there,” said owner Jon Dressler in a news release.

Reservations are now available to book online.

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