Lincoln County man gets probation for selling customs form signed by Michael Jackson

CHARLOTTE — A nearly $800 eBay transaction landed a Lincoln County man on probation.

Last year, Alan Nordman of Denver pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of conveyance of a government record. Nordman illegally sold a customs form signed by pop star Michael Jackson.

In federal court in Charlotte on Thursday, the 75-year-old profusely apologized to the judge.

Nordman worked for Customs and Border Protection at JFK Airport in New York City for 30 years. In court, he told the judge he made a mistake and was sorry.

He says he has developed several major health issues, some stemming from volunteering to help clean up after 9/11.

In 2022, he illegally sold a U.S. Customs form that had Jackson’s signature on it on eBay for $795.

The government found out about the transaction and charged Nordman for illegally possessing and selling the record.

Nordman said he sold the document because he has an adult son with Autism and he wanted to buy him a house before he passes away.

Judge Kenneth Bell told him he had a great record of service for the country and this mistake does not reflect his life.

Prosecutors say Nordman paid more than $11,000 in a forfeiture settlement.

He has also voluntarily turned over all other customs documents that he had in his possession.

The government said it was important to prosecute this case to set an example and state that these customs documents are not to be sold or misused in any way. But the prosecuting attorneys agreed with the sentencing of probation and said the case shouldn’t be more than what it is.

Nordman was also not further fined.

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