Arrest made in car break-ins at hospital

CHARLOTTE — Detectives at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department arrested Shyhied Ivey, 18, who is accused of breaking into vehicles at parking decks around Charlotte hospitals.

Ivey is facing a long list of charges including three counts of larceny of a motor vehicle, two counts of felony conspiracy, 11 counts of breaking into a motor vehicle, felony larceny, and possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

“I think that’s good,” said Wayne Hancock, who works at Atrium Health Main. “It should send a message that you going to be caught if you come over there, breaking in cars.”

Ivey is connected to more break-ins at Atrium Health Main that happened in December 2023.

“I think that’s good,” said Wayne Hancock, who’s truck was parked at Atrium. “It should send a message that you’re going to be caught if you come over there, breaking in cars.”

“I was in the building and my manager called and said, ‘Someone broke in your truck.’ I’m like, what?’” Hancock said.

Ivey is accused of smashing out the passenger side window of Hancock’s Dodge Ram.

“Just glass,” Hancock said. “Everything out of my dash. Everything out of here. My backseat was lifted up. I had stuff still on the floor.”

A month later, Hancock said shattered pieces of the crime still linger.

“I’ve been kind of getting a little-bit-by-little-bit and it’s still stuff I’m seeing,” Hancock said.

CMPD said Ivey and two accomplices drove into the Atrium parking deck in a stolen Infiniti Q50 and smashed the windows out of seven vehicles.

They stole people’s belongings, including a stun gun.

“They said they seen some guys in the parking deck with gloves and masks on,” Hancock said. “They said they had them on camera.”

Channel 9 obtained warrants that say Ivey was the getaway driver and that surveillance cameras captured him with his face mask pulled down.

Hancock thinks it’s justice that Ivey’s face was exposed long enough to lead to his arrest.

“This is what I work for,” he said. “This is what keeps me my job. I’m still kind of tentative. Is my truck going to be broken in while I’m trying to work?”

Police are looking for two more suspects.

The joint effort involved Operation SCARLET, or Stolen Car and Recovery Law Enforcement Team.

SCARLET is a collaboration of multiple law enforcement agencies cracking down on high-end vehicle thefts in Charlotte and surrounding areas, CMPD said.

VIDEO: Inside Operation SCARLET, CMPD’s task force to stop high-end car theft

Jonathan Lowe

Jonathan Lowe, wsoctv.com

Jonathan is a reporter for WSOC-TV.