Man claims needle punctured his skin while trying on jacket at Goodwill

CHARLOTTE — A west Charlotte man claims he got a dangerous surprise during a trip to Goodwill.

Customer Jason Cope claims a medical needle pierced his skin when he tried on a jacket at the Goodwill on Wilkinson Boulevard in 2021, according to a complaint filed on Jan. 30.

“And then as soon as I went to grab it, I got stuck inside,” he said. “So I didn’t proceed to look at it because I was bleeding.”

The complaint states that Cope suffered painful bodily injuries and sustained large medical expenses.

He said he has been tested after the incident.

“I got tested every six weeks for HIV and Hep C and other stuff,” he said. “I did that until I was cleared by my doctor.”

He blames the thrifted item for months of financial and medical-related stress.

Cope is suing Goodwill for $25,000.

“It wasn’t really about the money,” he told Channel 9. “It’s about the principle that other people could get hurt.”

A spokesperson for Goodwill said a team member provided first aid to Cope and removed the clothing bin from the sales floor as a precaution.

They added employees didn’t find any sharp objects.

The spokesperson also said they were not aware of the legal filing.

Goodwill workers check each item for safety risks before donations are sorted, the spokesperson said.

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