Navigating Charlotte’s top-ranking real estate market

CHARLOTTE — More people want to plant their roots in the Queen City.

Charlotte took the top spot in Zillow’s prediction for the nation’s hottest housing market in 2023.

Zillow credits the city’s forecasted home value growth, local economy, fast-moving inventory, and number of potential buyers.

Candice Kilgore is searching for her first home to buy.

“It’s very competitive,” Kilgore said. “The area that I’m looking at. It’s a little bit challenging because it’s kind of like it’s running out of land. So, there are a lot of older builds, but I have seen some new things kind of popping up.”

Real estate experts suggest working with an experienced realtor, keeping an open mind, and expanding the search criteria if necessary.

Most importantly, potential homebuyers should be patient.

Kilgore’s broker also spoke with Channel 9 about finding a home.

“The price is different than it was yesterday,” said Elizabeth Flynn, a real estate broker with eXp Realty. “It will be different tomorrow than it was the day before. And so, we just have to look at the positive benefits of having an appreciating asset versus renting.”

Flynn stresses buyers should work with a realtor or real estate agent who specializes in the local market.

Cleveland takes second place for Zillow’s hottest housing market predictions.

Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Nashville round out the top five.

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