Police investigating after security guard shoots at woman in car at QuikTrip

CHARLOTTE — A 24-year-old woman says she’s thankful to be alive after being shot by a security guard at a QuikTrip in Charlotte.

Part of the incident was caught on video that has spread on social media, but the woman told Channel 9′s Ken Lemon that it doesn’t show the full story.

Kudaisha Carter was still in the hospital Monday morning when she spoke to Lemon through FaceTime. She said that moments before the shooting on Saturday, the guard had accused her of stealing beer. She says a customer had offered to pay for her beer, so she walked out with a six-pack.

Carter says she handed the security guard the beer and went inside to pay for her gas when the security guard became angry.

“He gave me 20 seconds and then he just started shooting,” Carter said.

She says he shot her in the leg as she ran to her car.

Video shared on social media appears to show Carter getting in her car and reversing away from the security guard, but then as she drives forward, the security guard is seen firing his gun. Two bullets went through a window of her car, and her passenger mirror was hit.

Carter told Lemon that she managed to drive to her home about five minutes away from the QuikTrip on The Plaza.

“It had to be God the way I got home,” she said.

Anquinette Carter, Kudaisha’s mother, told Lemon that her daughter could have died.

“He could have killed my baby, he could have actually killed my baby for no reason at all,” Anquinette said.

Carter’s grandmother, Anna, said the security guard put others at risk because there were cars nearby during the incident.

“Anybody could have got killed that night the way he was shooting out there,” Anna Carter said.

No charges have been filed against the security guard as of Monday afternoon, so Channel 9 is not identifying him at this time. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department acknowledged that it’s investigating the case.

Lemon spoke with Gastonia defense attorney Brent Ratchford about what he saw in the social media video.

“I see an overstepping of authority and bounds,” Ratchford said.

According to Ratchford, a security guard has every right to try to stop a suspected shoplifter, but he said when Carter began to drive around the card, his response went too far.

“The threat of deadly harm has passed,” Ratchford said.

Ratchford says at that point, the security guard exposed himself to potential felony charges for shooting into an occupied vehicle.

The guard works for Signal Security, which had no comment when Lemon reached out on Monday.

QuikTrip sent Channel 9 a statement on Monday, saying: “Our top priority is always the safety of our employees and customers, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We are working closely with local law enforcement.”

Kudaisha told Lemon she now has a metal rod in her knee, and she’s having to learn how to walk again.

We’re keeping an eye on this case. Check back for any updates.

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