Residents say nearby construction causes flooding in their southeast Charlotte yards

CHARLOTTE — Residents in a southeast Charlotte community are frustrated with water from nearby construction flooding into their yards.

Homeowners told Channel 9 that rainwater floods onto their property near the Allora Wallace Park apartments, which is off East Independence Boulevard, not too far from Mason Wallace Park.

They also say water is pumped out of a retention pond toward their yards before it flows into a nearby creek.

“Especially on rainy days. My husband has a tool shed and I have a storage shed,” resident Barbara Kennedy said. “Sometimes we cannot get to it because it’s just too wet unless you have on your little boots.”

The homeowners said they reached out to the city and Council member Marjorie Molina with no luck.

A representative for the apartment complex said they would forward their message to the right person.

Officials with the city’s Storm Water Services said Allora Wallace Park Apartments is required to comply with the City’s Post-Construction Stormwater Ordinance. Storm Water Services staff visited the site and confirmed the developer is in compliance.

“The temporary sediment basin on site is being converted to a permanent stormwater control pond to capture, clean, and release runoff along the natural drainage path, following the topography of the land,” officials said in a statement. “This conversion required contractors to pump water out of the basin and release it downstream so the permanent stormwater control measure could be properly constructed.

City staff members said they have been in communication with residents in the area and will remain available to answer any questions.

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