Victim’s family wants police to find his alleged killer

SHELBY, N.C. — The mother of a man who was shot and killed wants the police to find the alleged shooter.

Phyllis Ruff’s oldest son, Timothy Ruff, was shot and killed on March 29 at the Candlewood Apartments in Shelby.

Police said the deadly shooting stemmed from a disagreement.

Her son didn’t know the alleged shooter, Jonathan Petty, Phyllis Ruff said.

However, the mother does know Petty.

“His face was the same. He was a good kid when he rode my bus,” she said.

Phyllis Ruff took Petty to and from Shelby Middle School.

Petty was a polite child, she said.

“My heart (doesn’t) let me see him as no evil murderer,” Phyllis Ruff said. “The same thing I see in my son, I see in this young man.”

She believes something else happened to Petty when police say he shot Ruff with several people and children nearby.

Petty has not been arrested.

“Why? I just want to know why,” the mother said.

Phyllis Ruff and family members want Petty arrested for murder.

“We want peace. We want justice. We want comfort,” said Tyffany Johnson, sister.

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