VIDEO: Sandy Parsons leads detectives to adoptive daughter’s remains in 2016

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, S.C. — A crucial break in the mysterious disappearance of Rowan County teen Erica Parsons came from behind prison walls.

Erica’s adoptive father, Sandy Parsons, who was in prison for accepting benefits for Erica after she was gone, finally came clean after years of elaborate stories and public lies.

He confessed that Erica was dead and had been for nearly five years.

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In September 2016, Sandy Parsons led detectives to a rural road in Chesterfield County, South Carolina where his mother used to live.

That was where he and his wife, Casey Parsons, buried their adoptive daughter’s body in 2011.

Video not previously made public shows Sandy Parsons leading detectives to his daughter’s grave. Detectives also took Channel 9 back to that very spot and reflected on that pivotal moment in the case.

>> WATCH BELOW: RAW FOOTAGE: Sandy Parsons leads investigators to Erica’s burial site in 2016