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SPONSORED: When is a good time to trade in your car? Toyota of N Charlotte explains.

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Are you thinking about trading in your car? You’re not the only one - the automotive market is in an odd place right now. If you’re wondering when is a good time to trade in your car, the short answer is now. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to explain! 

Why is now a good time to trade in your car? If you’ve been paying attention to the news at all, you know that there’s a vehicle shortage going on. And it’s not just new cars or one particular make - it’s new cars and used cars across all makes and models. Why? Because the chip shortage, the COVID 19 pandemic, global shipping shortages, and high demand all combined to create the perfect storm: a shortage of vehicles. 

Now is a good time to trade in your car 

That means that it’s more difficult than it was before to find a vehicle, whether you’re shopping for new or used cars. This means that your car is in high demand even if it’s used. Someone is looking for your particular make and model, which means you will definitely get your money’s worth whether you decide to trade into Toyota of North Charlotte or sell it privately by yourself. To sum it all up, yes, now is a good time to trade in your car.

Tips to trade in your car at Toyota of N Charlotte  

Before you hand over the keys, however, it’s a good idea to prep your car so you truly get the most money for it. Here are few tips from our N Charlotte Toyota sales experts on how to do it: 

  • Clean your car. Either schedule a detailing at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership or DIY it, but be sure to wash it and wipe and vacuum the interior. A good coat of wax can bring out the shine in the paint, too. 
  • Next, gather your paperwork together. You’ll want the title (if you have it), any warranties on the car itself or parts and accessories that you’ve added, and service records that you’ve kept. 
  • Take care of any small, easy repairs that are due. If you need an oil change, get it. Replace burnt out bulbs and try to get rid of any stains in the upholstery or carpet. Avoid making big or expensive repairs before you trade in, though. 
  • Get an idea of how much you want for your car. You can get an idea of how much it’s worth by using our trade-in tool on our website; that should help you gauge what you’re looking for when you trade in your car. 
  • Clean your N Charlotte Toyota out when you trade in your car. Get rid of clutter and anything you don’t need while you’re at our dealership - this will make it easy to switch into your new car. 

Have questions or want to schedule an appointment to trade in your car? Call us today - Toyota of N Charlotte is open until 10pm every single night at (704) 875-9199. We’re just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville.