Allergy season has already begun in the Carolinas

CHARLOTTE — Bad news for those with spring allergies -- it’s the middle of February, but trees are already in bloom.

Severe Weather Center 9 Meteorologist John Ahrens explained why. This year, trees across the Piedmont are blooming 20 days ahead of when they typically bloom, in some cases.

That means we already have high pollen counts. Cedar and elm counts are already in the moderate range.

As for why this is happening, Ahrens points to our mild January and an unusually warm February. They likely contributed to the early blooms, which in turn is the reason for the high pollen counts.

What can you do to manage your symptoms?

The Mayo Clinic suggests the following:

  • Reduce your exposure to allergy triggers -- For example, stay indoors on dry, windy days, or delegate lawn mowing.
  • Keep your indoor air clean -- Use things like air conditioning and a dehumidifier in your house.
  • Try over-the-counter medications.
  • If your symptoms are still unbearable, see your doctor.

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