Customers wonder why tractor equipment company appears closed suddenly

CONOVER, N.C. — Mike Minarik and Vincent Gajewski say they ordered grapples from Everything Attachments in November.

Minarik says he paid about $2,600 and Gajewski says he paid about $1,900.

“All I have is a little pension and I saved up for the grapple,” Minarik told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke. “The $2,600 wasn’t a small thing. It was something that I saved for and worked overtime for.”

While they were waiting for the grapples to arrive, they noticed a lot of talk online that the Conover business shut down.

“It was immediately panic mode,” Minarik said. “I was pretty worried. Immediately pretty worried.”

“Trying to reach out to them when nobody returning your calls and everything like that wasn’t a good feeling,” Gajewski told Stoogenke.

More than a thousand people have joined a Facebook group dedicated to the issue. “A lot of people just kind of in that limbo period not knowing if they’re going to their money back or not,” Gajewski said.

Gajewski says he disputed the charge with his credit card and won. Minarik says he did the same with his debit card and that the bank credited his account, but that it’s not final yet.

It looks like the company’s been dealing with some money issues. Catawba County records list the company as “delinquent” on taxes: $56,000 in personal property taxes and $52,000 in real property ones.

Everything Attachments is also in a legal fight with a contractor. Everything Attachments claims it paid for a new building, the contractor did a bad job, and Everything Attachments couldn’t move in. The contractor denied the claims and countersued, claiming Everything Attachments owes money.

In the meantime, Catawba County and the City of Conover signed a deal with Everything Attachments involving economic incentives. The government agreed to give the business about $600,000 in tax breaks. In exchange, the company has to create 150 jobs and invest $20 million growing its business, both by the end of next year.

If you paid and don’t think you’ll receive what you ordered, do what Minarik and Gajewski did: dispute the charge with your card company.

Stoogenke tried several times to get in touch with Everything Attachments in multiple ways. It didn’t respond in time for this report.

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